September 17, 2019


Asbestos Exposure Attorneys in Kentucky

Asbestos has been a highly valued mineral for thousands of years. First named by ancient Greeks ἄσβεστος, meaning “unquenchable,” the fibrous mineral was valued for its tensile strength and ability to be used as a fire retardant. Historically, asbestos was used mostly for making cloths and cooking utensils. More recently, it was used in buildings and manufacture as insulation until asbestos exposure was found to cause illnesses as mesothelioma in Kentucky and throughout the United States.

Asbestos FibersAsbestos is a naturally occurring class of silicate minerals containing the following types of minerals:  chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite and actinolite. Silicate minerals are naturally occurring silicate compounds. Silicate compounds are characterized by containing a silicon bearing anion. In almost all cases, silicon is in a tetrahedral conformation surrounded by four oxygen centers. Chrysotile was the most commonly used asbestos comprising 95% of the asbestos found in buildings in the United States. Chrysotile’s chemical formula is Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4.

Use of asbestos commercially began in the late 1800s and which necessitated its mining. Around the time of World War II, the use of asbestos became much more widespread. As early as 1906 documented cases of asbestos related illnesses were beginning to arise. By the 1940s, mesothelioma, a rare type of cancer, began to be associated with asbestos exposure.

Long before the government began regulating the use of asbestos, industry officials were aware of the potential health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Kentucky citizens might have been exposed to asbestos in a variety of different environments, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Chemical plants, such as:
    • Fort Campbell Barracks and Boiler Room
    • Louisville Chemical Plant
    • Alcoa
  • Power plants

In the short term, asbestos exposure can lead to many upper respiratory conditions including asbestosis, a chronic inflammatory and fibrotic condition. Prolonged or high amounts of exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma. Symptoms of mesothelioma may take thirty to fifty years to appear.

If you or a loved one lives or works in Kentucky and has been diagnosed with mesothelioma after asbestos exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. Please call 1-877 LOSS RECOVER (567-7732) to contact our experienced Kentucky mesothelioma lawyers today for your free case evaluation.